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Energy Transport in Engineered Systems

主讲人:Gary Solbrekken


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Dr. Gary L. Solbrekken is currently a teaching professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering (MAE) at the University of Missouri. He was the director of undergraduate studies for MAE from 2008 until 2018. Prior to becoming a faculty member at the University of Missouri, Dr. Solbrekken was a thermal lab manager at Intel, responsible for metrology development to characterize microprocessor packaging.

His research interests include the energy characterization of hydro-thermal-mechanical systems. He works collaboratively on research projects supporting the development of radio-isotopes for the University of Missouri Research Reactor, cryopreservation of biological tissues, aging of materials in accelerators and electronic thermal management.


The behavior of mechanical engineering systems can mostly be described in terms of the interaction between thermal, fluid, and mechanical effects. It is, in fact, such interactions that lead to some of the most interesting devices and processes that we currently enjoy today. This talk will provide an overview of research work that describes mixed modeling and experimentation performed in the TherMEC lab at the University of Missouri. The topics will span the use of thermoelectricity as a means to provide thermal management for electronic components, thermal property evaluation of biological cells to facilitate cryo-preservation protocols, characterization of thin-plate fluid-structure interaction to support nuclear fuel safety case development, and the use of non-destructive ultrasonic resonance to predict the need for component replacement in particle accelerators.

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